Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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Building Bridges...up to Australia!

Now this is big news. Australia will participate at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015! Building bridges, to my ears, sounded an awesome slogan, but a bridge up to Australia is something much more. For many, the announcement of the EBU was expected since last year's competition, Australia was responsible for the interval act!

Some European countries barely make it to the final. Australia will have the right to compete directly to the final and will be able to vote at the two semifinals. This participation will increase the number of participating countries to 40. According to the EBU Australia will only participate this year unless they win. In that case the SBS channel will co-host the contest with some other European country. The reason why Australia will participate directly in the final is that the EBU does not want to reduce the chance of qualifying to the final of a country which is already involved in the semifinals.

Just for the records ESC is well known to Australia since 1974, but officially the contest is being broadcasted from SBS channel since 1983. Lots of accredited media and fans take part every year at the big festival, while Sam Pang & Julia Zemiro (Chinese and French origin) are the commentators of SBS channel since 2009, when they sent a team to cover the event for the first time.

In1997 Australians officially requested to host the organization in Sydney and the country that wins the ESC to organize it the year after, which at that time was rejected by EBU. This year they managed to be at the finals and hopping for the organization next year.

We wish good luck to Australia and maybe in 2016, we will see China in the final.