Lena will come out with "Crystal Sky"

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Lena became famous after winning the German competition "Unser Star für Oslo" (Our Star for Oslo), a TV show created to select the German entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. After thet she signed a recording contract and released her single “Satellite”, witch sold more than 100.000 downloads on itune during the first week.

At the Eurovision song contest 2010 in Oslo she was one of the favourites. On the 29th of May, at Telenor arena,  she was celebrating her win. The BBC called "Satellite" the first "contemporary pop hit Eurovision has produced in decades", ushering in "a new era for the annual music jamboree.

In 2011, the competition will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany. Lena will participate again with "Taken by a stranger". This time she will take the 10th position with 107 points.

Lena is releasing a new album called "Crystal Sky". She has already revealed one of the songs witch is called "Traffic Lights". The album is expected to be out in mid-May.