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Artist: Elhaida Dani

Song: Diell

Composers: Aldo Shllaku

Writters: Viola Trebicka

About Elhaida:

Elhaida Dani was born on February 17th 1993 in North Albania, Scutari.

She starts singing when she was a little girl and started styding piano in age 6 in performing arts school.

When she was 18 she moved with her family in Tirana where she started studying Musicology in the 'University of Arts' and started singing Live with her band in the mos important places in Tirana.

She worked as a backvocalist and soloist singer in the famous program 'E Diela Shqiptare' ( 'The Albanian Sunday' ) from 2009-2012.

The First competition she decided to partecipate was the international talent show in Albania called 'Star Academy IV' on 2009 where she was the Winner.

In August 2011 she was one of the competitors of the Festival 'Suncane Skale' in Herceg Novi/Montenegro , where she won 'The best New Artist' tittle.

On 23-24 September Elhaida was part of the festival 'Zlaten Kesten' Festival in Petric/Bulgaria, where she was elected the 'Best Singer' of the festival.

Her last competition of 2011 was the Albanian National Festival where her song was awarded with the price "Best Melody".

In May 2012 she was part of a the VIII-edition on the festival 'George Grigoriu' Braila/Rumania where she was the winner of the First I Place.

Later that month she partecipated in Gorna Oriahovitsa/Bulgaria in the festival 'Nova Musica' (New Music) where she was the winner of 'Grand Prix'.

In June 2012 Elhaida Dani became the Winner of the most important competition of modern music in Albania , 'Top Fest 9', where she was nominated and the winner of the 'Best New Artist' tittle too.

In the first days of August she partecipated in the Rumanian festival 'Champions League', where she was the winner of the 'Grand Prix', the winner of the very important award 'Mihai Traistariu' (one of the biggest Rumanian stars) , the 'Senior Trophy' and the First Price from the Junior Jury 'Little Champions' .

Her last competition for 2012 was in early September in Veliko Turnovo/Bulgari where she was the winner of the 'Grand Prix' of the 'Silver Yantra' Festival.

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