Artist: Molly Sterling

Song: Playing With Numbers

Composers: Greg French & Molly Sterling

Writters: Greg French & Molly Sterling

About Molly:

When she was little, she used to sing along to her dad’s Eagles, Queen and Meatloaf CDs in the car. She taught herself piano when she was 11 and when she was 12 she entered her first competition and that’s when she was bitten with the performance bug.

Molly now lives in Dublin. Her favourite artists are Stevie Nicks, Hozier, Lana Del Ray and Beyonce. She and songwriter/producer Greg French co-wrote Playing With Numbers as part of her upcoming album. The song was written about the risks people take every day in love and in life, and the experiences of taking the road less travelled.

Molly has put her heart on her sleeve and is gambling on Playing With Numbers as the song that will win the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland.



Molly Sterling - Playing With Numbers