Artist: Bojana Stamenov

Song: Beauty Never Lies

Composers: Vladimir Graić

Writters: Charlie Mason

About Bojana:

Bojana Stamenov was born in 1986 and has been singing since she was seven. She attended even three sections in the secondary music school – guitar, lute and renaissance singing. She was the finalist of the showSerbia's Got Talent in 2012, when she enchanted the audience with her magnificent voice and brilliant interpretation.

She started singing because she felt anxious playing only an instrument. She loves to travel and in the future would like to visit France because of art and food, Ireland because of wonderful landscapes and beer, America because of blues, cowgirls, bikers, Chicago, musicals, Las Vegas...

Bojana doesn't like solitude, which is why she tries to spend as much time as possible with her beloved ones. If everyone is busy, Bojana knits and crochets, and also really loves to cook.

Her message to the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest is to never give up on what they love and who they love, because love is all we are left with in the end.


Bojana Stamenov - Beauty Never Lies