Artist: Maraaya

Song: Here for you

Composers: Raay, Marjetka Vovk

Writters: Charlie Mason, Raay

About Maraaya:

Maraaya are Marjetka and Raay. The name is a combination of their names. They are married and are parents of two boys. Marjetka and Raay formed Maraaya last year, when they released  first single Lovin' Me which was a big success in Slovenia and in some music charts abroad.

Marjetka graduated at the Ljubljana Academy of Music, and now teaches budding vocalists at her musical workshops. Raay is one of the most prolific music producers in Slovenia, and has been increasingly active abroad in recent years.

Raay has been the most played Slovene songwriter on annual airplay charts. He has designed Maraaya's music style, which is usually described as "indie pop".

"What's with the headphones?" is the most common question regarding Maraaya. Marjetka started to use her studio headphones on stage since she wanted to evoke the same emotions she felt in the studio while recording. The headphones became their trademark.


Here for you - Maraa